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Schedule a Human Design Session With Kristin

Human Design_cropped.jpg
  • Learn My Design

    Single Session (Initial Reading or Follow-Up Reading)
    • One 1-Hour Zoom Call with Kristin
    • Digital Copy of Your Personal Human Design Body Graph/Chart
    • Learn Your Personal Signs of Burnout
    • Learn Your Red Flags You are Heading into Exhaustion
    • Learn YOUR Lifelines & Strategies to Shed:
    • Perfectionism, People-Pleasing, Co-Dependence...
    • Confusion, Exhaustion & Burnout
    • Learn how to return to feeling:
    • Satisfied, Successful, Peaceful & Surprised by...
    • Becoming Aware of WHERE YOU are Living Out of Alignment:
    • With YOUR AUTHENTIC SELF—How You are Designed!
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