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Experience JOY-filled, light-hearted parenting in a gently guided,
self-paced program.

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Experience the JOY of Parenting without guilt, burnout or any more “to dos” in just a few minutes a day!

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Connect With Your Inner Child,
so your child can connect with you!
Fall in love with parenting,
life and yourself!


Learn the Lifelines and Strategies
I used to shed my heavy heart, release my joyful inner-child and fall in love
with parenting!

You Are the Best Parent for Your Child.

There are several hurdles and pit falls I see when people try to be the perfect parent.  You try to do it “all”, do it “just right”, do it like someone else rather than just BE YOU.  “Just right” for you is what creates peace and brings authentic and lasting joy and light into your own heart and home…..nothing else—that’s it. 

You are the best parent for your child.  They need you to know your true self, accept and love yourself unconditionally!  Isn’t this what you want for your children?  Then it’s time to start modeling it!

mom and daughter walking, parenting, my light heart, burnout support, joyful parenting, kristin culpepper


being able to joyfully parent without complete exhaustion, guilt and feeling as though it still
isn’t “enough,” you aren’t “enough” and you aren’t
doing it “right”?

After Participating in My Light Heart, You Could

 •  feel centered, lighter and expansive after giving         yourself just 10-15 minutes a day.

 reconnect and fall in love with the little girl/boy     in YOU.

•  feel that parenting is a joyful, sacred journey             meant to be savored.

•  create a life-long bond with your child.

•  have adventures, learn and grow with your        child and it could be a delight!

mother and daughter, nature, my light heart, Joy, parenting, burnout support, kristin culpepper, holistic healing


  • connect with your inner child, allowing your child to more naturally connect with you. 
  • heal your body, mind and spirit so that you can LIVE the joy already inherent in you, becoming more present for your child.
Joy in Parenting, Burnout Support, My Light Heart, Kristin Culpepper
Joy in Parenting, Burnout Support, My Light Heart, What you'll gain, Kristin Culpepper


  • recognize when you’re entering the cycle of exhaustion.
  • identify your own patterns that lead to burnout.
  • recognize self-sabotaging behaviors.
  • practice an array of healing modalities.
  • identify, name and move through conditioning behaviors and aspects of the “not self.”


  • connect with your higher self.
  • connect with your inner child.


Traditional Drums

Receive first hand impartation of this energy, knowledge and somatic experience from an experienced guide


Open your awareness to new worlds available to you with a small investment of time 

Online Meditation

Practical support and
lifelines to fit into your daily
& weekly routine

Mobile Phone

Discover, get to know and have fun with your authentic self!!!

variety of stones_cropped.jpg

Continual renewal, expansion and deepening in your experience of your authentic self 

authentic self_cropped.jpg

Feel held, seen, heard
and loved


Put yourself in the driver’s seat again (taking your power back) without depriving anyone

Practising Yoga with Mom

Experience the gift of allowing self-nourishment

My Light Heart Program

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IIntroducing My Light Heart Program, My Light Heart Logo

Shed the heaviness you’re not meant to carry so you can fall in love with parenting, life and yourself.

I'm Ready to Discover My Light Heart 

Purchase the full Comprehensive Package of My Light Heart
or continue scrolling to purchase the program in bundles. 

  • Best Value

    Comprehensive Pack

    All 6 Bundles PLUS Three 30 minute 1:1 Calls with Kristin!
    • Full Access to All 6 Bundles!
    • Three 30 Minute 1-1 Calls—EXTRA Support as You Progress
    • Original MLH Journal—32 Unique Page Designs (Printable)

The individual bundles build on one another.
My Light Heart is a gently flowing cycle and its rhythm is intentional.

Each bundle offers a unique combination of experiences to help you on your journey to remembering, embracing and unapologetically stepping out into the world as your light-hearted, authentic, soul-self!

1.  Start With:

My Journey Home

2.  Continue With:

Beneath My Surface & Going Deeper

3.  Keep It Up With:

Rediscovering Me & Authentically Me

4.  Finish the Program With:

My Soul Self

  • Start Here!

    My Journey Home 1

    1-Bundle Package Consisting of:
    • 5 Modules + Integration
    • 1 Video, 5 Audios
    • Somatic Experiencing
    • Meditation
    • Yoga (Heart Opening)
    • Pranayama (Breathing to Calm & Center)
    • Nature Immersion/Therapy
    • Bundle Wrap-Up Healing Integration
  • Beneath My Surface 2

    1-Bundle Package Consisting of:
    • 5 Modules + Integration
    • 1 Video, 5 Audios
    • Meditation
    • Somatic Experiencing
    • Meditation
    • Prana Yama
    • Stream of Consciousness Writing
    • Nature Immersion/Therapy
    • Bundle Wrap-Up Healing Integration
  • Going Deeper 3

    1-Bundle Package Consisting of:
    • 5 Modules + Integration
    • 1 Video, 5 Audios
    • Somatic Experiencing
    • Meditation
    • Qi Gong
    • Prana Yama
    • Nature Immersion & Therapy
    • Bundle Wrap-up Healing Integration
  • Rediscovering Me 4

    1-Bundle Package Consisting of:
    • 5 Modules + Integration
    • 3 Videos & 3 Audios
    • Qi Gong
    • Meditation
    • Yoga (Heart opening)
    • Prana Yama
    • Nature Immersion/Therapy
    • Bundle Wrap-up Module Integration
  • Authentically Me 5

    1-Bundle Package Consisting of:
    • 5 Modules + Integration
    • 1 Video & 5 Audios
    • Somatic Experiencing
    • Stream of Consciousness Writing
    • Qi Gong
    • Prana Yama
    • Nature Immersion & Therapy
    • Bundle Wrap-Up Healing Integration
  • My Soul-Self 6

    1-Bundle Package Consisting of:
    • 5 Modules + Integration
    • 1 Video + 5 Audios
    • Qi Gong
    • Meditation & Stream of Consciousness Writing
    • Yoga
    • Prana Yama
    • Nature Immersion
    • Bundle Wrap-Up Healing Integration

The Bundle Packaging of My Light Heart makes it easier to say YES! to yourself today.

Sample what navigating any season of life with your body, mind & spirit as one feels and looks like right now. Your soul's path awaits.


The next 10 who register for My Light Heart will receive a FREE My Light Heart journal that is as flexible as you need it to be! It can take you through the whole program, just the bundles you purchase or can be used as you wish outside of the program.

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I am formally trained in each of the areas I teach and the variety and breadth of this offer, you won’t find anywhere else.

ARE YOU READY to go from
Burnout to Balance

Enroll Now

to take the next step on your journey from burnout to balance, joy and peace.

if you still have questions about the program

Low time commitment 

Greatly varied content 

Balanced  and effective foundation

Unlike any other program

Sets you on the path to falling in love with parenting, life and yourself!


This program is designed specifically for those exhausted parents (though it can work for everyone) who don’t think they can stop to take care of themselves, don’t see this changing any time soon and see no way out. 

The program is designed to very efficiently give you a taste of numerous healing modalities that you can easily and justifiably fit it into your busy schedule while deciding which experiences resonate most with you.

My Light Heart has been created for those who are at the beginning of their healing journey, which means, you realize you cannot continue as you have been…in a cycle of pouring out all the time. 

Parent and Child, What Makes My Light Heart Different, Kristin Culpepper, Parenting, Intuition, Holistic Healing

My Light Heart is for those who know they can’t go on this way any longer, but are having a hard time justifying taking any time for themselves with the demands of young children. These 30 original guided modules averaging just 10 minutes will help you discover and connect with yourself once more, or maybe for the first time.  Each module is a sampler of many healing modalities to see what best serves you.  


Learn lifelines and strategies to help you experience joy-filled light hearted parenting in a 30 module gently-guided program.


Each module is lovingly and intentionally created with you in mind as was much of the music my husband and I wrote to accompany it.


Helping you integrate the healing that comes through the practices.

The videos and audios gently guide you through various practices including yoga, Qi Gong, imaginings, meditations and visualizations, nature immersions, stream of consciousness writing prompts, a shamanic journey led by the drum, yogic breathing exercises and more. These are the very lifelines that helped bring me out of heavy-heartedness and the drudgery that comes along with pursuing perfection and into the light-heartedness of my authentic self.  

The Comprehensive My Light Heart package includes the support of several 1-on-1 integration calls to help you process anything surfacing as you experience the healing available to you in the modules.  


I’m Kristin and almost 6 years ago, I had completely burned myself out trying to be the perfect wife, homeschool teacher to my children, community volunteer, chef, laundress, house keeper, home financier, chauffeur…but especially the perfect parent…can you relate?

I had effectively given everything of myself and then some and lost touch with my naturally joyful, playful spirit and light heart…the little girl in me.  Life was no longer fun, parenting felt really hard, I was not happy with who I had become and the daily drive to “do it all” and be the “best” I could be led to burn out. 

Yes, I have SOOO been there! When I hit that final “brick wall” for the 100th time (because it took me that many times), I realized I could not go any further or needlessly hit it again even one more time.  I was completely exhausted. This is when I and finally stopped to and out of desperation I finally took time to look at each big and small moment or decision that led me down this path. how I ended up there.

It was then that I realized the times I did not listen to or honor my intuition, I headed down this dangerous path of burnout, bitterness, guilt, resentment, fatigue, shame, anger, exhaustion…you name it.  I ignored that still, small voice that is my inner wisdom, divine light, my soul speaking to and gently guiding me with love.  When this became clear to me, I had to drastically change course and began investing in myself a little bit at a time.

Eventually, this realization and the regular honoring of my intuition literally led me to create WS and all the related offerings. I don’t want anyone to feel the way I did and not live an expansive, abundant life of peace, joy, love, flow, creativity and whatever makes YOU TICK!

I can hardly wait to meet you inside My Light Heart!”
The Rest of My Story

is Perfect for You if...

  • You are motivated to remember who you really are, what makes you “tick”.
  • You feel short on time, won’t allow yourself to take time away from your family to tend to yourself because you feel guilty or like it’s irresponsible
    or selfish.
  • You’re ready to to learn a bit about Qi Gong, the shamanic journey and experience peace.
  • You have had ENOUGH
    of trying to be perfect, somebody else or
    live up to someone
    else’s standard.
  • Your patience is greatly lacking with your children and family.
  • You wish to connect with, learn and receive messages from nature.
  • You don’t recognize yourself in your daily interactions with your family and little ones.
  • You’re interested in learning simple breathing techniques and yoga asanas to calm and center you (and your little ones).
  • You’re looking for
    some lifelines to help
    you discover and experience the delight
    in life and parenting.


Take a Moment

and picture where you want to be in 3-5 years: your relationship with your child,
family, yourself?


Do you believe that if you keep living the way
you are, you’ll end up where you want to be?

Your relationship with yourself and your children cannot sustain continuing down the path of burnout, guilt, exhaustion, shame, impatience, reaction, bitterness, anger, etc. 


Investing in Yourself NOW is the Only Way to Break the Cycles that are Draining You. 


These years with your children are fleeting and continuing to ignore exhaustion and heaviness,  just pushing through life, isn’t helping anyone- not you as you’ve experienced or your loved ones.

Why would you want to wait any longer to shed the heaviness you feel and authentically connect with your heart and your childrens’?

By taking a few minutes for yourself to reconnect with your heart, your inner child and light, you will remember who you truly are.  

THIS is who your child needs in their life, not who or what “they” say or you think you “should” be.  Your child needs the real, authentic you to be fully present for them.  This is a gift you want to give your little one and yourself.

Don’t let another day go by without the support you need to shed that heaviness and embrace your light heart.  There is joy, freedom, adventure and FUN awaiting you in that place and I KNOW your child will be so excited to meet you there! Don’t miss another moment to connect authentically with your little one.  


  • listen to your intuition
  • embrace your light heart
  • create that foundational bond with your little one you’ve always wanted
  • follow your heart
  • connect with your inner child 
  • become fully present for your child
  • live fully in your peace and power
  • step into the joy, adventure, delight of parenting and life
My Light Heart Logo, Kristin Culpepper, Holistic Healing, Joy of Parenting, Burnout support, yoga, qi gong, nature medicine


My Light Heart
Today!  I'm so excited to
see you inside!
My Light Heart, Kristin Culpepper, Holistic Healing, Joy of Parenting, Burnout Support, Yoga Instructore, Somatic Experiencing, Shamanic Practitioner, Author, Qi Gong, Nature Medicine

- Kristin