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Hello, hello—I’m SO glad you’re here!


I am a musician, writer, teacher, dreamer, wife, mama of 2 children as well as many critters, and an enthusiastic student of life whose favorite classroom is nature. 

The plants, animals and elements are some of my best friends and teachers and I believe there is magic surrounding us every day! It’s in exploring and expressing our authentic selves, that the big magic of healing the world begins—one soul at a time. 

I homeschooled my own children for nearly 15 years,  led nature walks using a combination of Waldorf  and creating my own curricula, uniquely fitting the interests and needs of my children & those with which I was working.  

I am a Registered Yoga Instructor (RYT, CYT), experienced in Shamanic Journeying and practices as well as Qi Gong and use these healing modalities in my daily life.

In my spare time, you’ll find me in the forest, hanging with my herd of guinea pigs, playing my great grandmother’s grand piano, talking to the flowers and trees, singing a tune or dancing anywhere I can. Oh, and rarely will you see me without a sharpened pencil and paper! ;)

About Kristin Culpepper, Qi Gong, Musician, Shamanic Practioner, Nature, Homeschool, Yoga, Innerchild, Light Heart, Burnout, Author, Joy

Connecting You with Your Inner Child,
So Your Child Can Connect with You.

Intuition, Holistic Healing Guide, Joy of Parenting, Yoga Instructor, Shamanic Practiioner, Author, Nature Medicine, My Light Heart, Burnout, Exhaustion, Kristin Culpepper, About

Connecting with
Your Intuition,
Leads You Home to Your Authentic Self,  JOY, Peace and Power.

I believe connecting with one’s soul or authentic self is the best way to lighten our unnecessarily heavy hearts.  Once we begin listening to our intuition, the baggage is naturally stripped away and we reconnect with our light hearts—who we truly are. 


I love to naturally weave intuitive celebration, ceremony and MAGIC into everyday life to lift folks out of the heaviness we can sometimes feel as adults.  Light-heartedness, JOY, play and magic can be awakened and woven through song, verse, dance, a quiet moment, a candle, a smile, a hug, a drawing, an act of service… and is available to anyone who allows it to come alive in them.

Out of the drudgery of heavy-heartedness and into a life of aligned freedom and merriment! 

This adventure is one of exploration and discovery and is available to us all. It’s how we we were designed.


Are you ready to embark at your own pace on a journey home to
remember your light-hearted self? 

Take my hand, I’d be honored to guide you along the way…

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