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a Service of Weave Sunshine

Return to a place of feeling satisfaction, success, peace & surprise by becoming aware of where you are living out of alignment from your authentic self (the way you were designed).

Gain consciousness of
your personal signs of burnout and the red flags indicating you’re heading in that direction.

Learn lifelines and strategies
to shed the heaviness of perfectionism, people-pleasing, co-dependence, confusion, exhaustion and burnout. 


Create the Life You Were Created For

• Tap into a wellspring of energy by living in alignment with your Human Design.

  Step into peace, acceptance, happiness, vitality, and balance. 

• Release the frustration, bitterness, anger, and burn-out, associated with living out of alignment.

This is one of the key lifelines that helped me move from burnout to balance. These sessions are a natural addition and complement to the My Light Heart program.  It is a powerful tool to have in your possession, honored in conjunction with My Light Heart, you will be well on your way to standing in the strength of your unique purpose.

Watch the video above for more on what Humans Design is and how understanding yours can serve you.

I am excited to help you get started on this beautiful and truly magical journey home to your authentic-self. 

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is many things. It is not a philosophy or belief system.

It is a mapping of your genetic code and therefore, natural way of being.

The system is the Science of Differentiation in that it shows us each that we have a specific purpose to fulfill and are uniquely designed.


You do not need to believe anything. 


You are instead, invited to participate in a life-transforming living experiment and given the tools and information to live life as your authentic self….unlike anyone else.


This system offers the opportunity for you to explore and experiment with your evolving consciousness and the mechanics of your nature, discovering for yourself what works for you.

Human Design Combines Aspects of Two Types of Science:

1.  The Contemporary Disciplines of Quantum Mechanics, Biochemistry, Genetics and Astronomy

2. The Ancient Observational Systems of The Chinese I’Ching, the Hindu-Brahmin Chakras, Astrology and The Tree of Life from the Zohar/Kabbalist Tradition. 



Pricing Plans for Human Design Sessions

  • Learn My Design

    Single Session (Initial Reading or Follow-Up Reading)
    • One 1-Hour Zoom Call with Kristin
    • Digital Copy of Your Personal Human Design Body Graph/Chart
    • Learn Your Personal Signs of Burnout
    • Learn Your Red Flags You are Heading into Exhaustion
    • Learn YOUR Lifelines & Strategies to Shed:
    • Perfectionism, People-Pleasing, Co-Dependence...
    • Confusion, Exhaustion & Burnout
    • Learn how to return to feeling:
    • Satisfied, Successful, Peaceful & Surprised by...
    • Becoming Aware of WHERE YOU are Living Out of Alignment:
    • With YOUR AUTHENTIC SELF—How You are Designed!
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