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Connecting You With Your Inner Child,
So Your Child Can Connect With You.

- Return to your Child-like Spirit

- Deepen your Bond with Your Child

 - Claim the Joy of Parenting

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Get on Your Soul's Path

Step OUT of Overwhelm and INTO Support

You are exhausted, overwhelmed, burned out and parenting is
no longer fun. You want parenting to be a joy, but you
just can’t seem to get there.

Your child needs you to be fully present.

These years with your children are too fleeting and precious not to get help. You need support while raising your children so that parenting CAN be fun. It's time to step out of the overwhelm and into the support.

By utilizing my programs, you can stop the cycle of burn out and exhaustion that keeps you from being the person and parent you know you are here to be. Get the support you need now and your child will thank you later. Parenting becomes a delightful adventure when you show up confident and rested.

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I Can Help You Fall in Love With Parenting Again.

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My Light Heart Program

Shed the heaviness you’re not meant to carry so you can fall in love with parenting, life and yourself.
Start to experience the JOY of parenting by joining the online "My Light Heart” program.

My Light Heart Program, Kristin Culpepper, Holistic Healing, Shed Heaviness, Burnout Support, Joyful Parenting


the Program

and Begin Your Path to

Let’s Connect!

Schedule a moment and space for yourself to actually hear your own heart share it’s desires.  I’d love to find out where you are on your journey, answer any and all of your questions surrounding
My Light Heart and help you with your next step to bring you closer to realizing the desires of your dear heart.

• Self-paced 10 min. modules (audio, video…) 

• Guided meditations that calm and center you...

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Human Design Sessions

Return to satisfaction, success, peace & surprise through the powerful tool of Human Design.

• Become aware of where you are living out of alignment from your authentic self (the way you were designed)

• Gain consciousness of your personal signs of burnout and the red flags indicating you’re heading in that direction

Light and Shadow

What Clients Say

“I love the way you called up the cycle that keeps repeating itself over and over again. Just the way you said it exactly and the way it was placed in the context of the monologue, it really made me think of cycles in the everyday, not just the grand cycles, but the thing every day that needles me."

Ahni B, Attorney

"The healer you have been looking for
is your own courage to know and
love yourself completely."

Yung Pueblo


Contact Me

Kristin Addington Culpepper

Author, Joy of Parenting Expert, Burnout Healing Intuitive Guide, Human Design Coach

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